Sports Injuries and Massage

Sports massage is used to achieve and maintain muscle strength, flexibility and joint movement.  Regular massage treatment supplemented with advice on proper training technique, equipment and nutrition will not only help to minimise sporting injuiries but also improve the quality of training and recovery.

A minor soft tissue injury (i.e. to muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin) can quickly develop into a chronic – or long term – condition if ignored or mismanaged in the early stages.  Diagnosis of the injury and continual reassessment are crucial in providing an effective treatment plan.

Injuries heal at varying rates depending on the type of tissue involved, as well as the severity and location of the injury.  Successful return to sport relies on an understanding of the body’s natural healing process and the demands of the sport concerned.  Poor or incomplete rehabilitation can increase the risk of injuries recurring.

In addition to addressing overworked and fatiques muscles, deep soft tissue massage can provide relief from chronic aches and pains associated with occupational stress, repetitive strain injuries and prolonged periods of inactivity or poor posture.