I was recommended to Kim by a friend. I had no idea what to expect from seeing an Osteopath. Right from the start from meeting Kim I felt I received individual special treatment in a very relaxed environment. After treatment I felt I had enormous amount of energy and feeling of well being and looked forward to my next appointment.

Elspeth Lancaster, Pont Shan

Thank you Kim, for all the hard work and effort you take to make me pain free and SO MUCH less stiff and creaky.I am hugely grateful for the effort you put into each treatment.You are very special in that you put in that ‘little extra’ which makes you such a fantastic osteopath. I am so glad I have found you.

Jane Minett, Cosheston

I have found Kim to be a first-rate osteopath who’s skilled in identifying the cause of problems and has a wide range of corrective techniques to restore full movement in damaged areas. Importantly, her advice on “follow up” exercises is clear and easy to follow.

Mike Matthews, Llangwm

When I first visited Kim I could barely walk and was not even able to stand for her to inspect my back. I was suffering extreme pain and was unable to sleep at night.

I experienced benefit immediately following the first treatment and after two more treatments was able to walk several miles and sleep at night without pain.

Kim always makes you feel relaxed by taking time to explain what she is doing and the effect the treatment will have. This I found most encouraging and helpful.

I also found it very reassuring as after each treatment what Kim explained to me would happen next indeed did happen ( improvement ) exactly as she said it would.

Paul Jenkins, Saundersfoot

Kim has straightened me out on more than one occasion!

After a kitesurfing accident that left me with two bulging discs in my lumber vertebrae L4/5 and a fractured thoracic vertebra T12, I was pretty much flattened! Using a mixture of Kim’s Osteopathy and some rehabilitation Pilates, I was good to go several weeks later. Sometimes the body needs a little extra help, when a muscle goes into spasm etc.

We regularly refer some of our clients to Kim.

Tim & Rebecca Leary, Pembroke

I struggled with a back condition for over a week hoping it would get better but the situation was getting worse! Fortunately I googled ‘osteopath Narberth’ and Kim at Valley Gate appeared on the screen.

From the first session of osteopathy with Kim the pain reduced significantly. By following her careful advice and after a few appointments,as predicted by her, I was back to normal movement – and moving without pain.Brilliant! Very many thanks, Kim.

David Cherry, Broadmoor

After visiting chiropracters for back problems my pain never really went away. Someone asked me if i had ever tried an osteopath and so i mentioned it to my G.P who highly recommended Kim to me. I gave her a ring and from that day never looked back!! Wow!!

I then injured my back just bending down and could hardly move. With the fantastic treatment and advice from Kim she got me walking without looking twisted and uncomfortable. I now have regular maintenance and that way it keeps on top of my pain. She has also helped me recover from major shoulder surgery. She is truly awesome and I would never go to anyone else. Kim,you’re amazing and thanks for your hard work.

Michelle Bradfield, Narberth